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We are a technology company specialized in the broadcast industry with customers in the United States, Europe and Latin America.

We have been transforming the broadcasting world for a long time leading high profile projects for media companies through innovative solutions with excellent results.

Our team concentrates in investigation and development of new products using avant-garde technology while searching innovative solutions to improve our customer's experience.

Custom Career Path

In Around we create a career path for every member of the team based on their needs. We offer training in new technologies and digital broadcasting. Our focus is on your personal and professional growth and development.

Our benefits

Casual day
every day
paternity leave
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healthy food
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Our culture

We enjoy developing innovative solutions for our customers and we know that the way to achieve excellent results and quality is by working together.

We believe a positive working environment promotes the teamwork culture that transforms creativity, knowledge and wit into excellent solutions.

We obtain outstanding results through a process of continuous improvement at all levels of the company.

We research and try the latest trends and technologies in order to apply them correctly in our solutions.

What is like to work at Around?

"Professionally, it is a unique experience in which we pursue innovative and challenging projects. Personally, it is a pleasure to work with this great team. We learn things every day!"

Juan Manuel MurguíaCo-founder

"Being able to work on complex and challenging projects which involve companies from different industries while using one’s experience together with a skilled, balanced and energetic group of coworkers is the right mix that make Around ideal."

Andrés CarjuzaaCo-founder

"Working in Around is being part of a team committed to work and continuous learning. We are all different and that is a great value to analyze and solve the challenges we face. I emphasize the human and professional level of all those who do Around, and I know that today we are what we are thanks to what each member adds to this project."

Veronica TrzaskaGeneral Manager

"Working at Around is a big challenge that invites me to use my experience, incorporate new knowledge of Broadcast, with a professional team of excellent human value."

Gabriela PalmaHead of Administration

"Working at Around Im focused on delivering innovative solutions for demanding clients with varied dynamic ecosystems. Teamwork reflects great results within combination of the senior professionals, plus strong knowledge of the Broadcasting business are pieces to build amazing products. The HR's benefits allows me to enjoy a perfect balance between work and personal life."

Adrian HerProject Manager

"Around gives me the opportunity to work in a different area, which means a new challenge in my career. It also lets me work in a nice environment surrounded by teammates that I worked with in the past, and which I consider very valuable professionals."

Alejandro KastnerSoftware Architect

"The opportunity to learn about the technologies related to broadcasting and at the same time, grow with the company. It's an excellent work environment, where flexibility and good predisposition are the norm."

Matías Saenz TejeiraTechnical Leader

"Working at Around is a motivating challenge because it has interesting projects and clients, new challenges, which require the application of new technologies and the latest development trends and innovation. Around helps each person to perfect in their work and expand their knowledge into the new and what is to come."

Juan Pablo TerradasUX Manager

"Working at Around is wanting to learn a little more each day, it is the place where to overcome a challenge it does nothing but merely open the door to many new. As a software lover, Around allows me to develop technically and personally, as have all the necessary resources so that each team member expose their full potential."

Matías PonceDevelopment Manager

"Working at Around is a very gratifying experience, where day to day you are required to give all in order to accomplish the new challenges. It's a professional work environment with an excellent group of people."

Leandro WitzkeTechnical Leader

"Working at Around is a great professional and personal experience surrounded by great people, where you work as a team and share knowledge, which allows you to learn new things every day, always with an excellent work climate."

Andrés FalcónSoftware Developer

"Choosing Around without a doubt was one of the most accurate decisions I made for my career. Not only because of the excellent group of professionals I encountered, but because of the challenges proposed by the company. I have learned and developed more skills than I have. I could imagine and, day by day, the team motivates me to continue experimenting with full confidence different ways to overcome all the challenges that come up. Definitely, a fascinating and enriching experience."

Juan Cruz Del SartoUI Developer

"Working at Around is learning new things every day in an excellent working environment, being able to work on challenging projects that help me grow professionally and being surrounded by a group of professionals who always seek to do their best in each project."

Christian DuicSoftware Developer

"Working at Around is great! I'm very happy that they gave me the opportunity to be part of the team. I'm learning a lot every day, surrounded by excellent professionals and especially good people."

Karen OrtmannAdministrative assistant

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